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As an entrepreneur with ADHD, you mobilize your outside-the-box thinking into running your own business. Your innate ability to intently focus on your passions makes it possible for you to follow your dreams. You trust your gut, take needed risks, and seize opportunities. At the same time, even though you know what you need to do, you're having challenges doing what you know. The multiple and simultaneous activities spawned by all your creative ideas are taxing in a demanding work environment. Limitless distractions from staying on top of the big picture while overseeing operations are exhausting and challenging. Planning, prioritizing, delegating and decision-making are complex, as you are in charge not only of yourself but also your team.  

ADHD is a neurobehavioral condition that involves challenges such as inattentiveness, impulsivity and/or hyperactvity. You may or may not have the "H," which stands for "hyperactivity," that in adults shows up as restlessness, boredom, excessive talking or fidgeting. Even so, some degree of restlessness or boredom allows you to better capitalize on your strengths, adjusting your work to your energy level, and exploring new challenges. 

ADHD is not truly a deficit in attention, but rather a difference in how you allocate your attention. For an entrepreneur like yourself, your passions drive your tendency to "hyperfocus" on what you enjoy. This natural ability for intensive concentration enables you to achieve great skill at your craft. However, you may have difficulty regulating your attention and focus so that you don't let go of other parts of your business or your life. 

Impulsivity in complex circumstances can lead to overwhelm and inaction and cause hasty decision-making to relieve the pressure. It may be difficult to navigate frustrating working relationships. The sheer force of your resilience and originality enables you to get by. At the same time, you’re overwhelmed by too many commitments, last minute deadlines, a sense of underachievement, and relentless stress.    

Does this sound like you or someone you love?

  • I have lots of creative ideas but get caught in the weeds and can lose the bigger picture.
  • I can't seem to muster up my motivation. 
  • With multiple projects going on, I have a tough time completing them. 
  • It's a challenge to keep track of everything that needs to get done.
  • High-stakes decision-making bogs me down. 
  • It's a tug of war for me with routines.
  • I know I need to delegate but managing it all is overwhelming.
  • No one can do it as well as I can.
  • Time escapes me. I get into a zone then miss a deadline or meeting. 
  • I need to focus on what's most important but everything is critical. 
  • I tend to make impulsive decisions that I later regret. 
  • I need to make up for past failures.

Coaching for Entrepreneurs with ADHD is a partnership that assists you in honing your strengths so you can be more effective and productive. By deepening your learning and improving your performance, we work together at fine-tuning your purpose and direction so your work and life are more satisfying overall. You learn as much as you can about your unique relationship with ADHD without it being overwhelming. 

Coaching for Entrepreneurs with ADHD helps you to:

  • Recognize that your challenges with ADHD are not personal shortcomings.
  • Appreciate your strengths and transform your actions.
  • Understand your own brain wiring.
  • Move past overcompensating for prior failures and/or old messages.
  • Learn new ways to work with procrastination, perfectionism, and task/project management.
  • Change your perspective when you feel stuck.
  • Take charge to act instead of reacting.
  • Develop new ways to improve delegation and decision-making. 
  • Prioritize, set goals, and act on what's most important to you.
  • Deepen your self-awareness and discover options that lead to your success.

Together we determine your strengths and challenges in the context of what you CAN do, rather than what you can't, and design a game plan to get you to where you want to be. 

The coaching process is individualized and focuses on action. You get clarity in choosing next steps to build new and productive habits that stick. We design systems and strategies that work best for you in maintaining lasting change. You get the support that guides you in creating a more satisfying life overall with less stress and more fulfillment. 

What clients say about Cheryl:
Cheryl helped me see the root causes of the problem and helped me realize possible solutions. Cheryl was very supportive at guiding me. She turned on the light in showing me what tools were available and I chose and implemented those tools. I loved Cheryl the way she held me accountable each session. I also loved her enthusiasm and celebrating wins together. - David C


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